How to stay safe and healthy during covid-19

As we’re all experiencing a new normal together. This transition may be easy for some, but working and studying from home is unusual for many. We must find our balance.  Here are some tips for you.

Simple ways to enhance productivity can begin from protecting your vision with blue light blocking glasses,

and optimizing your posture by utilizing stands for Laptop and 

cell phone.

Integrate some exercises and movements can be energizing! It is important to switch up your atmosphere and introduce some simple movements into your daily routine. 
3. Cozy wear
Comfort is key and is something we can take advantage of from being home. Try wearing thick socks and home slipper 

so you can stay comfortable and cozy all day!

4. Set up a play area for your kids or pets
Finding it difficult to entertain your kids or your pets 

when you are working from home? Consider setting up a play area for them so they have a designated space for independent play.