A new trick to drink "Lemon Water"

As we all know there are lots of benefits on drinking lemon water,  it helps our digestion, vitamin C can boosts our immune system and its really good to our skin as well.

I would like share the trick with you, and I think it's works really good for sure our new product Zakura 2in1 plus facial device helps also.  It's really a "Inside out" approach.

Serve for 2 persons, squeeze  1/2 of a lemon into 100 ml of cold water and let it sit for overnight, say around 8 hours,  then add warm water around 20 ml then drink it the first thing every morning, empty stomach.  The taste of the lemon water is no long taste sour.  I have been drinking it for over 2 months, and will keep doing this as a good habit.   Hope you can feel the same, there's no harm in trying.  


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