Reflect your personal style with your space (On a budget!)

Designing or redesigning your space to reflect your authentic aesthetic can take a few simple steps! Explore the following questions, as you develop your own story with your space.

  1. How is the natural lighting in the space? Does it require artificial lighting?

Often overlooked, but lighting can be responsible for creating a mood that you want for your space! Great lighting can be powerful and can alter the architecture of a room.

Keep in mind when adding artificial lighting like lamps. Lighting can help guide the eye around a room, so a simple trick of adding soft lighting with a lamp in the hallway can enhance the visual appeal of a narrow space! Our Nordic Glass candlestick holder would make a great addition to light up staircases, or our beautiful Solar Powered Hanging Light which could add pattern to highlight an entrance or doorway.

  1. Is the room lacking textured materials?

If you are working with a plain or small space, consider adding textured items to elevate a room. A simple way to add flattering textured and varying degrees of details into a space can be as simple as adding a Faux Fur Rug or our Persian Style Washable Rug for some texture and colour!

  1. Do you need more depth and dimension to your unique or small space?

Adding a mirror can instantly create dimension and depth into a space that may be small. Lights get reflected from a mirror to make a space feel larger and when adding mirrors with interesting outline and frame like our stunning Retro Gold Color Makeup Mirror when composing an area, it can achieve the depth that may be missing in the space all along.

  1. Can I bring in more contrasting elements to my space to make it more interesting?

If you want to spice up your space instantly, bringing in metal material can add contrast and colour in a wonderful way. Our gorgeous Floor Standing Flower Vase which is the perfect item if you’re looking to add emotion and vibrancy into a room! 

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